#GivingTuesday419 - 2022

November 7, 2022

Dear PSF Friend,

This is a reminder that we are just days away from #GivingTuesday419 on November 29 at Founders Hall. Registration ends Nov 21 or before (if they reach capacity).

#GivingTuesday419 is sponsored by Everence and held at Sauder Village’s Founders Hall. The program includes a great meal and brief presentations from ten non-profit “Difference Makers”. Attendees make donations during the evening to the difference makers or any 501-c-3 organization! In 2021 PSF was featured as a “Difference Maker.”

PSF has benefitted greatly from this event. Our donors have given over $100,000 at #GivingTuesday419 events, but thanks to a funding match arranged by Everence, the PSF has received over $130,000. This is a great way give to the Foundation!

You must be present to donate and have your gifts matched, so please be sure to attend this year’s event. Please register now at https://fs4.formsite.com/everence/mttm77yl4h/index.html

See you on Tuesday, November 29, 2022!

Steve Switzer,

Executive Director, PSF

#GivingTuesday419 - 2021

The PSF, one of ten Difference Makers (featured nonprofit organizations) at the November 2021 #GivingTuesday419 event, has received a check for $36,464! That amount includes the Everence Match—about 11%—to donations made by 32 PSF donors that evening.

The Foundation wants to thank our generous donors and Everence for making this amazing event possible! Special thanks go to (Pettisville resident) Shari Beck, Everence Financial Consultant who is the creative force behind the event and her associate, Trisha Nofziger. They both put in countless hours to make the evening—and the enormous amount of good that results—a reality.

In the three years that the PSF has participated in #GivingTuesday419, the foundation has received over $130,000 in donations and match.

Attendees made their donation checks out to Everence.

Everence then added additional funds, effectively increasing contributions to the Difference Makers that each donor chose.


To learn more about #GivingTuesday419 go to this Everence ® website page- #GivingTuesday419

The PSF Family Fund was our focus for the #GivingTuesday419 event on Nov 30, 2021

Imagine what it feels like

…for a boy who needs new shoes but whose parents cannot afford them?

…for a little girl who wonders where next week’s “rent” will come from to pay for housing in a motel for her homeless family?

…or to have a new Chromebook from school but no internet at home?

…or to be a mom with no money to buy Christmas gifts for her children?

Meet PSF’s “Family Fund,” which was created to find needs and meet them or see hurts and help.

And, now, imagine what it feels like …

… To hear a teacher describe the “excitement in his eyes” when she gave the boy the new pair of shoes.

… To know that the few weeks motel paid for the homeless girl’s family helped bridge the time until they could move nearer to relatives. They are doing fine now.

… To learn that the Family Fund provided internet access for all students in grades 5-12 who previously had none, in November, 2019 –mere months before the entire school was learning at home.


… To know that that mom has money to shop for Christmas presents for her children—in October, no less.

The PSF’s primary purpose as a “Difference Maker” is to make people aware of our “Family Fund” effort which attempts to find hurting students or families and help them.

We value your donations to the Family Fund, but, even more, we would offer our assistance to you to start a similar program in your school.

Contact the PSF Executive Director.

Help the PSF and its members support Pettisville Students, their families, Teachers, and School, for another 35 years!

If you are unable to attend this "in-person" Everence ® GivingTuesday419 event at Founder's Hall on Nov 30, 2021, but still want to support the Pettisville School Foundation, please consider downloading and printing this mail-in donation form.

Pettisville School Foundation Overview

The Pettisville School Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization founded in 1986, supports Fulton County’s Pettisville Local Schools. Pettisville is a School that serves students from over ten area school districts. The PSF is governed by a board of nine trustees and has over 300 members. The Foundation has a modest endowment of around $400,000, but since its founding has donated more than three million dollars to the school and its students. The Foundation’s model of service is based on four pillars, with the “Family Fund” being highlighted for #GivingTuesday419:

SCHOLARSHIPS- The PSF Scholarship Program provides nine annual scholarships to PHS graduating seniors, for both higher education and career training and support.

GRANTS- Teacher grants, typically $300, fund creative projects benefitting students.

FAMILY FUND- The Family Fund provides assistance when students (or families) experience a financial or other situation that might hinder them from participating fully in student life at Pettisville. The Family Fund is the heart of the PSF’s efforts to find needs and meet them.

MAJOR PROJECTS- The PSF has conducted major projects:

· The Atrium, a reception and event area joining the older and newer portions of the school. (2010)

· Capital Drive Addition, a nearly two million-dollar 30,000 square foot project, including gymnasium, library, computer labs, commons area and offices. (1994)

· Eight-Lane Track and Field Facility, with the PSF serving as fiscal agent for parents and friends who funded and constructed the track, and later upgraded it to an all-weather facility. (1991)