Career Scholarship

PSF Career Scholarship

The “PSF Career Scholarship” was created in 2021 and is to be offered annually starting with the PHS Class of 2021. The scholarship was proposed by John Poulson, ag instructor, and Amanda Wyman, high school counselor and approved by the Pettisville School Foundation Board of Trustees. The scholarship will be funded from the Pettisville School Foundation's general fund.


The Pettisville School Foundation has long supported individuals who attend a traditional two or four-year college, but last year for the first time made funding available—The PSF 30th Anniversary Scholarship—which included, in addition to those attending college, students seeking a trade or training institution. The Foundation would now like to expand upon that first step.

The PSF is creating the “PSF Career Scholarship”, solely to benefit the graduate who is becoming educated for an occupation/skill in an area not traditionally supported by institutions of higher education. The initial scholarship will be in the range of $1,000 and will be offered annually to a graduating senior who continuing his/her education by pursuing a trade or career that requires additional (non-college) training beyond high school. This scholarship could support an internship, an apprenticeship, or classes to learn a new skill or trade. This grant will be paid directly to the training entity or reimbursed to the participant.

The grant will first be offered to a member of the PHS class of 2021 and will be selected through the current scholarship program in place.

The language “in the range of $1,000” is intended to give latitude to the scholarship committee to recommend a higher amount to the PSF if need is present. This is because of the potential lack of other scholarships to help ease the cost of the training and because of the potential presence of additional economic need.

Candidates with financial need may include that need to support both the award of the scholarship or a request for additional funds.

The amount of the award is set at $1,000 but may be increased based on the recommendation of the scholarship committee with approval by the PSF Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Board of Trustees at March 11, 2021 Meeting