January, 2023



Visitors to Pettisville are now greeted by additions to the “city limits” signs as the Pettisville School Foundation honors four PHS grads who have brought honor and recognition to Pettisville.


Three-star Air Force Lieutenant General Jeffrey A. Kruse and the musical group, Girl Named Tom, consisting of Caleb, Josh, and Bekah Liechty will join the 1991 State Track and Field Champion Team which, uniquely, consisted of one person, Lincoln Cobb. All are PHS graduates. 


This recognition is sponsored by the Pettisville School Foundation to honor those who, through their accomplishments, earned status, or other achievements, have brought honor and recognition to the Pettisville School and community. 


The Fulton County Engineer and Clinton Township Trustees installed the new signs.


One of only 43 three-star generals in the United States Air Force, Lieutenant General Jeffrey A. Kruse (PHS ’86), is currently Director’s Advisor for Military Affairs, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, McLean, Va. Jeff has served as an outstanding representative of PHS. He was very gracious and humble in his return to Pettisville to receive the district’s “Circle of Excellence” Award in May of 2017. Jeff is the son of Arnold Kruse and the late Joan Kruse.


Siblings Caleb (’PHS 13), Joshua (’15), and Bekah (’19) Liechty make up the vocal group Girl Named Tom. GNT won season 21 of NBC’s “The Voice” with their amazing sibling harmonies during the finale results show on Dec. 14. On that same day, four of their songs were on iTunes Top 10 Songs Chart (including #1). The first trio ever to win on “The Voice,” they have represented Pettisville well in both song and through their presence on the national stage. Their parents are Holly Liechty and the late Chris Liechty.


The original 1991 state champion track and field team sign has been replaced. That “team” garnered national media attention as the only team member, Lincoln Cobb, competed in three events and won the team championship for Pettisville all by himself. He won the long jump, the 100 meter dash, and finished second in the 200 meter dash, scoring 28 points to claim the 1991 Division III state team championship, the first and only in Pettisville’s history.  Lincoln is the son of Jan Cobb Nofziger and the late Dan Cobb.

Donation to PSF

Beverly Miller, whose dream to become a full-time math teacher was never fulfilled, posthumously honored her class by donating part of her estate to the Pettisville School Foundation in honor of her PHS Class of 1970. She passed away on November 9, 2020.

After graduation from Eastern Mennonite University, Bev worked as a teacher in Oregon but had to return home to Ohio after experiencing a complete mental breakdown, effectively ending her dream to teach. That breakdown was not diagnosed as bipolar until many years later.

She used that setback to help others. It was her desire to break the stigma of mental health and she spoke to many groups to help create a better understanding of mental health issues and to encourage those afflicted to remain on their medication. 

By being able to have a successful career as part-owner and Vice President of the Miller Tire Company, she presented herself as proof that issues of mental health did not need to hinder success in life.

Kathleen (Miller) Grieser presenting a check in honor of the PHS Class of 1970 to Neil Rupp, PSF Treasurer.

Bev was a creative writer who enjoyed writing a column in the Fulton County Expositor for many years. She also performed in many plays in the Archbold Community Theater and taught Junior High Sunday School at North Clinton and Central Mennonite Churches.

Late in life, she became a part of a research study by the National Institute of Mental Health, and Before non-hodgkin's lymphoma ended her life, she stipulated that her brain be given to that group for further studies. She donated a large portion of her estate to charities, among them the Pettisville School Foundation.

The gift was presented to the PSF by her sister, Kathleen Grieser at the Pettisville School Foundation’s Trustee meeting on September 29, 2022. The Pettisville School Foundation wishes to extend its sincere appreciation for Bev’s donation.

May 8, 2022

PSF Teams up with Local Businesses to Thank Pettisville Staff

by Jenae Lammers original article on the School's website

The Pettisville School Foundation and 5 local Pettisville businesses worked together to provide the staff at Pettisville Schools with gift cards during Teacher Appreciation Week. The Pettisville staff is very appreciative.  Special thanks to Das Essen Haus, Pettisville Meats, Pettisville Garage, Stella Leona, and Weeping Willow Florist for your continued support of our school!

The Pettisville School Foundation was selected as one of the 10 Difference Makers featured at the 2021 GivingTuesday419 event organized by Everence ®

More information about this "in-person" event at Founders Hall, Sauder Village is on our GivingTuesday419 page.

PSF December 2021 Newsletter

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NEW for 2021!

The Pettisville School Foundation Board Trustees have created a new scholarship, the “PSF Career Scholarship”, solely to benefit the graduate who is continuing their education for an occupation/skill in an area not traditionally supported by institutions of higher education. The initial scholarship will be in the range of $1,000 and will be offered annually to a graduating senior who is continuing his/her education by pursuing a trade or career that requires additional (non-college) training. This scholarship could support an internship, an apprenticeship, or classes to learn a new skill or trade.

The Pettisville Grain Company created a new scholarship. The PGC Scholarship, first offered to the PHS Class of 2021, benefits a PHS graduate to secure training or college credit in an agriculture related field.

Grieser Transportation is planning two career scholarships with the first being offered to the PHS Class of 2021.

More information about these scholarships can be found here- PSF Scholarships

2022 Senior Scholarship Winners

Pettisville School Foundation Scholarships
Bryant A. Weber Memorial Scholarship:  Carson Bennett
David E. Springer Memorial Scholarship:  Zachary Girdham
Richard M. Werder Memorial Scholarship:  Bryce Beltz
Lawrence H. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship:  Keilah Fish
Pettisville Teachers Association (Boyer) Scholarship:  Hannah Huddle
Pettisville School Foundation 30th Anniversary Award:  Karsen Pursel
Pettisville School Foundation Career Scholarship:  Emma Salmi
Pettisville School Foundation Pettisville Grain Scholarship:  Clara Damman

2021 Senior Scholarship Winners

Pettisville School Foundation Scholarships
Bryant A. Weber Memorial Scholarship:  Thomas McWatters
David E. Springer Memorial Scholarship:  Kaylee Grimm
Richard M. Werder Memorial Scholarship:  Levi Myers
Lawrence H. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship:  Elise Hartzler
Pettisville Teachers Association (Boyer) Scholarship:  Sydnie Adkins
Pettisville School Foundation 30th Anniversary Award:  Joshua Horning
Pettisville School Foundation Career Scholarship:  Ellie Wixom
Pettisville School Foundation Pettisville Grain Scholarship:  Andrew Hulbert
Pettisville School Foundation Grieser Transportation Diesel Mechanics Scholarship: Blake Eyer

The PSF would like to thank Myrna (Cordy) Brown for the updates of our PSF logo, which she originally designed. Mrs. Brown has been designing graphics for PSF for over thirty years.

A Brief History of the Pettisville School Foundation

Receipt of the $111,000 Meister gift to the board of education in 1982 planted the seed of thought that others might like to donate to the Pettisville Local School and that an organization to encourage such contributions might be worthwhile.

After researching the concept, Stephen Switzer, Pettisville School Superintendent, assembled a group of interested individuals to consider forming an educational foundation. Individuals included Gary Frazier, Steve Graffice, Myrl Sauder, Rod Nofziger, Valetta Werder, Jan Stamm, Golda Boyer, and Mr. Switzer.

In November, 1986, a press conference was held in the high school library announcing the formation of the “Pettisville School Foundation” and receipt of a $1,000 gift from Henry Keller, the first gift to the PSF, and a $10,000 gift from Valetta Werder, fifth grade teacher at Pettisville, to endow the “Richard Werder Memorial Scholarship” in memory of her husband.

The foundation organization included a board of trustees, with two trustees appointed by the board of education and seven elected by the membership. Founding trustees include Chris Rychener, President; Luana Esterline, Vice President, Valetta Werder, Secretary-Treasurer; Golda Boyer, Gary Frazier, Steve Graffice, Rod Nofziger, Myrl Sauder, and Ruth Wyse.

Superintendent Switzer was appointed executive director. PHS grads attorney Jan Stamm and accountant Dave Rupp agreed to assist in legal and accounting areas. At the time of its founding, the PSF was one of the first local school foundations in the state. Since that time, the PSF has provided assistance in the creation of numerous area school foundations.

As we look to the “NEXT 35 Years” the Pettisville School Foundation will continue to serve our students, staff and community through scholarships, grants and other projects.

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