Girl Named Tom

You may have seen signs at the edge of Pettisville honoring the 1991 State Track Championship, Three Star General Jeffrey Kruse, and Girl Named Tom.

What you may not know is that that recognition is sponsored by the Pettisville School Foundation to honor those who, through their accomplishments, earned status, or other achievements, have brought honor and recognition to the Pettisville School and community. The Foundation paid for the original track signs back in 1991.

Caleb, Josh, and Bekah, this sign not only honors your outstanding talent and success, but celebrates the class manner in which you have represented Pettisville Schools and your community to a national audience. We are able to give you this recognition because of what you have done but, more importantly, we are thankful for what you are. Your school and your community are proud of you. May God bless you in all that you do!

Dr. Steve Switzer

Executive Director, PSF

Girl Named Tom