PSF provided "Initiative Grants" to many Pettisville teachers during the school year.

Library Chairs

provide by a

Teacher+ Grant

from PSF

Capital Drive II 2009-12

The second capital drive constructed a $1,000,000+ Atrium joining the new 2011 Pettisville School with the 1994 PSF addition to the original school.

Atrium highlights include:

  • A replication of the 1929 school entrance.

  • The “PETTISVILLE SCHOOL” masthead and “1929” are originals from the 1929 building. This masthead is replicated throughout the new building.

  • Solid walnut is from the tree that stood in the playground at the end of the basketball court.

  • The rosettes on the walkway are from the front of the 1929 building.

  • A Walkway joins the second floor with the north wing study hall/computer labs.

  • The Atrium has a college student union look. The furniture was funded by the Meister Fund.

  • The Atrium features three video screens.

  • All class pictures are displayed in “The Gallery,” the hall east of the JH gym.

Atrium is 2,055 Square Feet - West Vestibule is 83 Square Feet - Second Floor Walkway is 704 Square Feet

Heritage Park :

  • Heritage Park is west of the Atrium.

  • The chandelier and sconces were created by blacksmith Mike Bendele.

  • The chandelier features lighting globes from the 1929 building.

  • Pedestals at the entrance display the names of the 272 donors to the Atrium.

  • A clock is mounted on the south base and the school bell, which was displayed in the front lawn for many years, is mounted on the other base.

  • One bench in Heritage Park was purchased by 2010-11 fourth graders in memory of classmate Abigail Yoder.

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PSF commissioned this Mural, for the School Atrium, in 2017.